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• B.Tech. (Computer Science Engineering)
• B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
• B.Tech. (Mechanical & Automation Engineering)


A student shall be required to have a minimum attendance of 75% in the aggregate of all the courses taken together in a semester, provided that the Dean of the School in case of University Schools and Principal / Director in case of University maintained / affiliated institutes may condone attendance shortage upto 5% for individual student for reasons to be recorded. However, under no condition, a student who has an aggregate attendance of less than 70% in an semester shall be allowed to appear in the semester term end examination. Additional (not decreasing the provisions above) attendance requirement may be specified by Syllabi and Scheme of Teaching and Examination.
Student who has been detained due to shortage of attendance shall not be allowed to be promoted to the next academic year or semester and he/she will be required to take re-admission and repeat all courses of the said semester with the next batch of students. The University Enrolment number of such student shall however remain unchanged and he or she shall be required to complete the programme in a maximum permissible period.

Evaluation and Examination

The overall weightage of a course in the Syllabi and Scheme of Teaching and Examination shall be determined in terms of credits assigned to the course. The evaluation of students in a course shall have two components unless specifically stated otherwise in Syllabi and Scheme of Teaching and Examination: (i) Continuous evaluation by the teacher(s) of the course. (ii)Evaluation through a Semester term end examination. The guidelines for distribution of weightage for various components of evaluation shall be as below:
Theory courses
Continuous evaluation by teacher(s)-25% Semester term end examination-75%
Continuous evaluation by teachers(s)-40%
Semester term end examination-60%
A student obtaining less than the passing marks assigned to a course and failing in the course, shall be allowed to re-appear in semester term end examination of the course in a subsequent year when the course isoffered, subject to maximum permissible period.

Promotion Policy to the next Academic Year

A student will be promoted to the next academic year only if such student has obtained atleast 50% (rounding to full digits) of the total credits of the existing academic year from which the promotion to next academic year is being sought.
All such students who fail to get promoted to next academic year for the reason of deficiency in required credits, as stated above or due to being detained in a particular academic year, will automatically be declared to have taken academic break to repeat such examinations of the year in which the student has failed or has been detained, so as to obtain sufficient credits to be promoted to the next academic year. Such a student shall not be required to repeat any course that student has already completed successfully.
Academic break shall be applicable only to students as follows: 1. Who are detained due to shortage of attendance?
2. Who do not attain the required credits for promotion?
3. Those who want to drop the acquired credits of an academic year and repeat the full academic year (that is, appear in all academic components), such students shall be required to apply through School of Study / Institute / College for readmission.
4. This break shall be deemed as an academic break. Only two academic breaks are permissible for a student for the completion of the academic programme.


A student shall be awarded a degree if as follows:
1. He/she has registered himself/herself, undergone the course of studies, completed the project report/training report specified in the curriculum of his/her programme within the stipulated time, and secured the minimum credits prescribed for award of the con-cerned degree.
2. There are no dues outstanding in his/her name to a School of the University/Affiliated Institution; and
3. No disciplinary action is pending against him/her. He/she has acquired the CGPA higher than or equal to the minimum CGPA specified in the Syllabi and Scheme of Teaching and Examination for the award of the degree